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Retail Centric

Retail Centric

We live and breathe retail, and our software reflects this ethos. Designed exclusively for retail businesses, our omni-channel platform ensures flexibility, rapid deployment and centralised control over the entire system.

End to end

End to end

Integrating ‘best of breed’ software leads to unavoidable pain such as increased deployment complexity, functionality silos, data integrity issues and on-going extra expense. With Retail Directions, you get a unified system that delivers a seamless and connected customer experience.

Market Proven

Market Proven

Your enterprise is too valuable to be somebody’s test bed, so you need a proven system. Our software platform currently runs multi-brand retail enterprises ranging from small businesses to over 1,500 stores on a single network, including customers with more than 50 registers in a single store.

Retail Directions' technology platform smoothes and integrates all parts of your enterprise, allowing your business to function as a single homogenous entity. This gives you the freedom to focus on managing the day to day, month to month and year to year, both tactically and strategically.

There's a world of opportunities out there-<br />
and we can help you grab them.

There's a world of opportunities out there-
and we can help you grab them.

Our software platform is designed to operate with a variety of languages, currencies or tax systems. Retail Directions is already working with a number of multi-brand retail chains that operate in multiple countries. Wherever you go, we can come with you.

This is who we do it for

This is how we do it

Our customers are leading retailers - companies that have achieved success in their chosen markets.
By providing the tools to optimise business performance, we help them make the most of today while being prepared for the future.
As a retailer, you know how fast moving your market can be.
To match your need for growth and change, our solution is highly scalable. One customer was able to grow from 50 to 230 stores in just 20 months with Retail Directions.
Your budget is finite - and we never forget that.
Companies running the Retail Directions platform have been able to employ fewer IT specialists. The typical benchmark is one IT specialist for every 100 POS terminals, so a business with 200 shoe shops needs just two IT people. Compare this to similarly sized retailers who employ 30 people in IT.
Because each component of our software is optimised to work with the other components, the Retail Directions platform is easy to implement. Our system can be deployed in less than 10% of the time required to bed-in other enterprise-level systems.
The result is a system that strips cost out of your operations while enabling your frontline team to take even better care of customers.

Our people

Building, refining and supporting a world-class software platform – one that serves the needs of major global retail chains – calls for the world’s best IT professionals.

Our team works with the latest technology, powerful methodology and some of the world’s most iconic retail brands. They’re outstanding people who aim to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

From our base in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve spent over 20 years putting together a group of retail-focused professionals with a can-do attitude. Our team is over 50-strong, and we’re always looking for smart, like-minded people who want to make a positive and meaningful impact.

Our platform

Our unified retail platform delivers omni-channel functionality out of the box. At the same time it’s a heavy-duty enterprise system, capable of running thousands of stores.

The heart of the system is the head office ERP Retail Management System (RMS), which processes all transactions in the enterprise and comes with extensive reporting and sales, stock and profit analysis tools. The Store Management System (SMS) runs on store cash registers and includes POS and store back office functions. SMS also works with our mobile device application (SMSmx). In addition, you can turn on a web shop for desktop and mobile computers, and an executive sales reporting tool running on smart phones.

Each component works smoothly with all the other parts, integrating at the database level and avoiding the extra expense, tortuous deployment and functional compromises you get with systems that weren’t designed for retail.

RMS Enterprise Retail System Analytics Executive Smartphone Sales Tracker SMSmx Mobile Store Platform SMS POS & Store Management System AWMS Advanced Warehouse Management System Web Shop Mobile Web Shop

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