Leon Gettler
An award winning author and journalist, commentator, lecturer, and speaker, Leon covers a range of areas including politics, history, strategy, globalization, leadership and all the big trends ahead. For the last 30 years, his main focus has been on management issues. Leon writes for publications including The Fifth Estate, ProPrint, Public Accountant, and Acuity magazine. He also produces two podcasts for RMIT University, Talking Business and Talking Technology. Both podcasts are on iTunesU and attract a global audience, largely from America and China. Apple has ranked Talking Business as the best business podcast in the world Leon has worked for Fairfax, News Limited, AAP and the Herald and Weekly Times.

The Future in Retail: Unknown and Unknowable


A few years ago a well-known strategic thinker stated that any futurologist who back in the early 1990s did not predict the emergence of the internet should seek alternative employment, himself included. Yet, in spite of our inherent inability to foresee the major shifts that invariably occur we keep trying.

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Woolworths: Masters of nothing


How the mighty have fallen. There was a time when Woolworths was regarded as the best retailer in Australia, certainly the most profitable.

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Retail After China


Many Australian businesses rely on China, directly for supplies and indirectly on exports to the region that fuel our economy. In particular, what happens in China matters a lot to Australian retailers.

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Pharmacy’s retail prescription


Pharmacists most likely saw change coming, but I suspect that they didn’t expect it to arrive so soon. The Harper Review and the Abbott government’s plans to overhaul the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will remove the comfortable profit margins pharmacists have been sitting on for years.

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