Rob Barry
Rob Barry, a senior executive at Retail Directions, handles the role of General Manager responsible for Client Accounts. Rob has extensive global experience, managing the strategic development and delivery of IT business systems and services in Retail and Finance. Rob’s methods of operation rely on the principles of TQM, ITIL and x10 thinking.

Why the Retail Mantra of “Can I help you?” Lost Its Power

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Recently, I walked into a retail outlet and, while pondering upon a product, a sales assistant approached me and uttered the magic words, “can I help you?”

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How to protect your First Margin


Most apparel retailers offer a mixture of core (volume) and fashion stock, and their never-ending challenge in managing both types of stock can be summed up as margin protection. If specific stock cannot be sold at the right time it may need to be discounted, eroding the gross profit.

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