Demystifying Technological Noise


No other industry has been affected by technology as much as retail. Over the last 100 years it’s been reshaped by everything from the emergence of cars, movies, mass-produced ready-to-wear clothes, to the internet.

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How to protect your First Margin


Most apparel retailers offer a mixture of core (volume) and fashion stock, and their never-ending challenge in managing both types of stock can be summed up as margin protection. If specific stock cannot be sold at the right time it may need to be discounted, eroding the gross profit.

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From Shop Attendant to CEO: why training is essential in retail


My karate Sensei used to say that practice does not necessarily make perfect. Only good practice makes perfect.

This still resonates with me as it aligns with a Total Quality Management focus on knowledge, rather than experience, as the key factor in making employees and management more effective within a business.

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By 1920, all shops will be finished


Such was the warning from the so-called experts back in 1910 when the retail world was being transformed by mail order.

The online juggernaut has created a case of déjà vu. Again, we are hearing warnings that online retail will replace bricks and mortar.

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Retailers, are you ready for a bigger GST?


Retailers beware: the debate about changes to the Australian GST system is gaining momentum. A discussion paper recently released by the Treasury builds a case for an increase to Australia’s rate of goods and services tax, along with other proposed tax system amendments.

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Myer needs a hero


On March 16, 2015, Australian Associated Press released an article titled “Soft results expected from Myer”. With half-yearly data released today, the ‘soft’ performance has been attributed to “a lack of relevance with customers” and increased costs linked to refurbishments and other investments.

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Four pillars of Retail IT – Why so many system projects fail


The longer your retail IT project takes, the more likely it is to fail.

Retail Directions’ retail-centric approach means that our system can be deployed in less than 10% of the time required to bed-in other enterprise-level systems. This reduces risk and cost. Watch the video below to learn more.

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How to implement a new retail management system


In this guide:

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